It’s that time of year again; March, spring break, my birthday, wedding anniversary – and now the 5th anniversary of my brother-in-law’s passing.  My sister is now remarried and has a little one with her new husband, but she’s an emotional wreck right now – clusters of issues in her relationships with her husband, her two daughters, her late husband’s mother.  I feel like so much of the current storm is an eddy from that disastrous day, March 17, 2005.  “And I’m so sad, like a good book, I can’t take this day back, a sorta fairytale with you.”


2 Responses to “sad”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hugs to you, your sister and nieces.

  2. AnxiousMummy Says:

    WordPress is freaking out on me-I actually went to comment on the birthday post but it keeps thinking i want to do something else. Anyway firstly Happy birthday!!! Wow 37!!! Well done 🙂 Anyway on the VBAC issue-please remember you have the right to do whatever you choose. Who gives a fig about anyone else’s opinion, it is your baby, your body, your coochie, your recovery. Do what you want and no apologies!!! But read the books if you want-always good to be informed I think.
    Take care

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