Mel’s Show & Tell

Sometimes when I working on the computer and bored (like now), I play with MS Paint. I think of these little pictures as stained glass, and they’re based on something I used to do with crayons as a kid. I’d make a black line that swirled around and criss-crossed itself all over the page, and then color in the spaces in all different colors. The only rule was that no two adjacent spaces could be the same color. One thing I miss dreadfully as an adult is no art class. For me, art class was always like play therapy. Now I play with yarn, and its texture and color and form captivate my mind and hands and relax me, but the stuff I make is generally pretty functional. There is nothing functional about these little pictures. They’re just pretty.

(Don’t forget to check out what everybody else is showing at the head of the class!)


5 Responses to “Mel’s Show & Tell”

  1. a Says:

    Those are very cool! You should translate them into stained glass…

  2. Melissa Says:

    I don’t think I have read your blog before, but I saw it today, and I used to do that exact same thing! I used to make tons of those drawings, and yes, sometimes I still like to sit on MS paint and do it. It is kind of refreshing and relaxing. Happy to find another stained glass window maker!
    Melissa in Durham

  3. tara Says:

    those are really cool- i do the doodle part of it but never in color.

  4. Laine Says:

    I used to do these, too! My son and I did one together just last week! A long time ago I had him do one on wood (he was three) and then I colored it in with him. We varnished it and still have it. So fun and freeing.

  5. Pundelina Says:

    I like those pictures! And thanks for blurbing me for the LFCA – you did a fine job, I think that it would be very hard to summarise most posts.

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