It’s true

It’s true, you encouraging people.  Things are slowly getting better.  My current theory with the toddler sleep thing is that it just took her that long to get used to the new babysitter.  Poor little one.  She started sleeping better about the same time that she stopped crying every time I left her.  I think that the various adjustments we made in her schedule helped, though, and we’re keeping them.  The only other change I’m making right now is to wake her up 2 hours into her nap.  The last couple weeks she’s been taking 3+ hour naps to make up for the interruptions in her night sleep.  Only right now she has a stuffy runny nose and so I’m tempted to let her go a little longer today if she wants to.

I can’t believe it’s snowing AGAIN.  I really feel for those people in DC and further north though who are getting it even worse than we are.

Oh, and we’re 18 weeks today… and I’m definitely starting to show…


2 Responses to “It’s true”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m glad to hear things are getting better. Hang in there, by the time she’s a teenager you’ll be wishing she slept less.

  2. AnxiousMummy Says:

    Hey E
    Catching up on old posts! I had no idea so much was going on, sorry. I really sympathised with you when you were talking about being a high achiever. I’m struggling with that right now too. I really should be studying a new degree but wouldn’t that be a joke-it would be impossible to afford that and fertility treatments. I loved your comment about holding both of your children. That was beautiful. It’s great that sleep issues are improving. Sometimes it can be hard to realise what you’re setting yourself up for when you start a bad habit. Don’t worry we have lots of issues with our little one having day sleeps. Hopefully it will all continue to improve.
    Big hugs. Thanks for continuing to visit me even when I hadn’t been commenting that much. Your friendship means a lot to me.

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