Due to a major traffic jam, I was unable to make it to my appointment and had to reschedule for Wednesday.  So anti-climactic.  I feel like I’ve spent all my worry-energy and now just feel calm.  In fact, I’m thinking of telling T. that Clara is going with me, and telling Clara that T. is going with me, and just going by myself.  I feel bad for wasting 3 hours of her time this afternoon for NOTHING.


2 Responses to “Stymied!!!”

  1. La loca Says:

    Why is it? Why do we get so impatient/anxious when we become infertile?? I guess it’s because it takes us soooo long to get anything done… I’m the same way. It’s a great feeling when we reach that calmed moment. Definately an achievement.
    I hope everything goes well on Wednesday 🙂

  2. AnxiousMummy Says:

    Good luck for Wednesday! What a bummer you had to cancel ur appt.

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