On Monday, I’ll be 13 weeks.  We made an appointment for the nuchal translucency screening, even though I have to travel an hour to a different city and unfamiliar hospital to do so.  T. and I were both stressing about me going alone, and trying to figure out who I could ask to go with me.  Finally I settled on asking my friend Clara (pseudonym), even though she is 34 weeks pregnant herself.  She doesn’t have young kids at home, and is taking the semester (mostly) off from her university teaching job since she’s due in February, so of literally everybody I know she has the most flexibility in her schedule.  Well, except my MIL, but I need her to watch V. that afternoon.

So I will have a friend along in case there’s bad news.

But I’m really glad to have the opportunity for another peek inside.  Even as the symptoms accumulate, I still find myself wondering if there’s really a little life in there.

I’ve developed a near-constant twitch under my left eye, and I’m not sure if it’s just about Monday, or also everything else we have going on – T. just took on a big consulting contract in addition to his regular job, which will be a major and very welcome increase in our income this year.  But it’s also a LOT more work, obviously, and entails some international travel (4 days this month, 2.5 weeks in March).  It’s a really good gig and could open some doors in the future so I’m glad he got it, but it also means he’s less available at home.  And at this point we’re leaning towards going to Albania in the Fall.  So it’s a lot.  I guess that’s why I’m back in therapy.


One Response to “Monday”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Here from LFCA. I will be hoping things go smoothly for you tomorrow.


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