So here’s the thing.

I have no idea when, or if, I have ovulated this cycle.  My own fault for doing no monitoring at all.  This is the first cycle I’ve had since V. stopped nursing.  The ticker (scroll down and look right) I put up here has a guesstimated ovulation date, based on my typical pre-pregnancy and unmedicated pattern of ovulating on day 18, followed by a short 10-day luteal phase.  My period started again post-partum this past May, and my cycle lengths have varied from like 18 to like 36 days – so that doesn’t help me figure out whether I’m actually overdue for my period right now, or not.

I had what seemed like fertile CM on day 25 of the current cycle, but it was in the middle of my conference and so there was no follow-up with Mr. Bear.  So, allowing for a generous luteal phase of 14 days after that, I’d still be due to get my period by tomorrow, at the latest.

T. wanted me to call the doctor on Monday, to set up an appointment.  And I… forgot.  Honestly, I did.  I had a bunch of other rather urgent things I needed to take care of, and this one… slipped my mind.  Ok, so maybe I didn’t make an EFFORT to remember… but he really wants me to go talk to them.  When I remembered on Tuesday I thought, well, I’ll call on CD1.

I told T. that I may be a day or 2 overdue… he thinks I’m jumping the gun on getting my hopes up.

AND I AM!!!  I totally am!!!  I have NO symptoms whatsoever (though it would, of course, be early for that anyway… but) not even sensitive nips/sore breasts – which I totally had by O-day when I did get pregnant.  Of course I was on progesterone then too…

This is stupid.  I should just call them tomorrow and let the chips fall where they may.


One Response to “Stewing”

  1. tara Says:

    for what it’s worth, poas didn’t make me any less neurotic- i held out hope despite the negative result then felt really really bitter when aunt flo arrived.
    but then again- I did check. I didn’t really talk about it with A though until about a week or so later. I’ve checked twice since we started trying in July.
    I’m a closet pee-er

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