Loved this post from Pam at Blood Signs

This one isn’t about infertility, but it’s such an eloquent statement about cultural appropriation and commodification vs. learning and sharing:

“I have to believe that the difference between exploration and exploitation is the heart that we bring to the experience, the knowledge and respect.”

This thought really struck a chord with me as a fledgling anthropologist, as the daughter of missionaries, as a person of mixed ethnic ancestry that includes Quechua – the Native Americans of Peru.  You can read the full post on Pam’s blog, Blood Signs.



One Response to “Loved this post from Pam at Blood Signs”

  1. Alana-isms Says:

    1. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    2. I liked the quote you posted today…”the heart we bring to the experience”….very neat!

    3. What an awesome and interesting background you come from! 🙂

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