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Here Serenity Now explains why it’s so hard to think about trying for #2:  it all has to do with having to go back to the doctor:

“So really, what it boils down to is the fact that right now I don’t actually want to GO BACK there.

To that place where I have to use a third party in order to make a baby. To that place where I get USED to the blood draws, and the ultrasounds, and the stirrups. Because that was our NORMAL.

And that’s the part that sucks, the part I wish was different.”



3 Responses to “go read this”

  1. Sunny Says:

    Interesting thoughts! For me personally, I couldn’t WAIT to get back to the doctor. For me it represented hope that we could actually do it again. What scared me most was the continued failure, and I saw the doctor as the only way to cut that process short.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I wish no one needed doctors to intervene.

  3. docgrumbles Says:

    Since we actually managed to conceive JAG without a doc (just lots of careful charting and monitoring), one of our issues is deciding if we just wait and see what life brings us (and possibly come up empty or mourning more losses after a year or so) or be proactive and go see the doc again. I REALLY don’t want to ever see an RE again, especially the one I had… so I’d need to find a new one. I hate the whole process. ICK.

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