So I haven’t been a very good clicker so far.  It takes me forever to work through my section of the blogroll – I really have to learn how to set up an RSS feed thingy or Google Reader or whatever it is people use to see updates quickly.  Meanwhile, I’m setting up an Excel file with blog name, bloggers name, url, status, and “priority” (basically signalling which blogs seem to be totally inactive, e.g. haven’t posted in more than year, vs. which ones are in the 2ww/WUB, and which are currently pg).  This will help me when I’m short on time so I don’ t miss the critical BFN/BFP moments.

I have been staying up way too late of nights but that seems to be the only way I can get any computer time these days.  It’s all good though.


2 Responses to “Click”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I use, it is really easy to set up the feeds and you can set up categories. It makes it much easier to keep up with blogs and if you don’t have time to comment, you can mark a post unread, also you can save posts you really enjoyed.

  2. docgrumbles Says:

    everyone seems to get behind these days.

    even with bloglines, I still struggle.

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