So, what’s new… still tired.  Today I didn’t try to do much but manage the basics – eat, nap, take care of V. – and got a 90-minute massage in the morning.  Nice.  My SIL was here, fab, we really get along and she adores Babycakes.  The feeling seems to be mutual although Mommy is still gratifyingly #1!  T. gets back from Uganda on Sunday night, whereupon my parents will move back to my aunt’s house (nearby) until we go back to VA. 

But yet, I finished my A exams (aka quals, comps, orals) and am now officially PhD candidate.  Here, this step also confers an MA which I didn’t somehow realize until I got the invitation to the graduation reception on Sunday!  I’m pretty stoked about that, actually.  It will be really nice to have my parents there to be all like proud of me and stuff 🙂 

So even though I suck at getting funding, at least I have something to show for the past 3 years of effort.  It feels really good.  Thanks to whoever submitted my news to LFCA – must be someone who knows me IRL or on FB since I hadn’t blogged about it here…!! 

Also, I’m now a Clicker for LFCA (category Secondary IF) and am just starting to familiarize myself with that section of the blogroll (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this).  I haven’t somehow had all that much internet time even with my mom here helping out, but not sure why.  Anyway.  Boring ramble over now.  Going to bed.


One Response to “Oof.”

  1. rachel Says:

    Congratulations! It is a big deal getting through the orals and everything, too bad T was out of town and couldn’t help you celebrate. I am glad your parents were there, that is so neat. I am excited for you.

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