It’s spring.  And little by little I see people on my blogroll starting to talk about trying for #2.  Most of my blogroll are parenting after IF (or, as Farah puts it, after infertility treatments).  I don’t know whether to feel comforted about the companionship, or scared that I’ll be left behind by everybody.  “Perfect love casts out fear.”


6 Responses to “Cycles”

  1. Farah Says:

    Oh Girl – you are not alone. My reallife friends are all “trying” again. AND I am NOT at ALL ready to really even think about it.

    I am afraid of the left behind feelings as well

  2. Rachel Says:

    I hesitated to post anything for that very reason. I don’t want to hurt any of my infertile readers, even if they do currently have children. Then I realized it would be better to give a little warning instead of surprising everyone one day.

  3. tara Says:

    yea it’s a bit daunting to think about entering that process again (esp the ‘when is it my turn’ phase)

  4. Caro Says:

    We’re thinking about it too but planning to try and get a job first.

  5. Kristen Says:

    DH and I are debating this very thing. The thing about parenting after IF (or infertility treatment) is that we are all too aware that there is no possible way to plan. Things will fall where they may – we just try to guide it along the best we can. And hope that it is a bit easier the second time around!

    When I transitioned over to a parenting blog, I lost a lot of my readers still in the trenches. I’m sad about it but I understand why they just couldn’t follow me on this journey. I will always try to be sensitive on my blog but it is my space to talk about parenting and as such, the subject of #2 (or #3 even) will be discussed. I’d much rather be open and honest on my blog than to try and censor myself for fear of what others may think. But that’s just me:)

  6. docgrumbles Says:

    We haven’t talked that much about it (we are still pretty fresh from delivering baby no. 1), but I have had thoughts like, “Eww, that game again? Can’t I just stop with this one?” Of course, after I get more used to the workload, who knows what I’ll be up for?

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