Show and Tell

This is for Mel’s weekly Show and Tell, which I will link to when it goes up. 

Plaster cast of my teeth

Plaster cast of my teethnight guard

While the plaster cast is a bit gruesome, I think the night guard is quite pretty.  I got it made back when I was grinding my teeth a lot at night due to frustration over night waking and sleep training.  I still use it occasionally, when I feel tension in my jaw at night. showtell21
I was so happy to be allowed to bring the plaster cast home!  “At last,” I thought, “something I can post on Mel’s Show and Tell!”  If I had Niobe’s mad skillz, I would photo edit it into an artful comment on mortality.  But for now I just keep it on my desk because – oh, I don’t know – it just looks cool. 

11 Responses to “Show and Tell”

  1. Farah Says:

    Haha i LOVE IT!

  2. Jenn Says:

    You so have my twisted/warped sense of humor…LOVE IT!!!
    You never know when you will have an emergency need for a plaster set of teeth! You are all prepared!

  3. Erica Schlaefer Says:

    very funny. Nice S&T

  4. Eve Says:

    Now THAT’s a show and tell!

  5. Kristin Says:

    It does look cool! I think you should paint it and turn it into artwork.

  6. one-hit_wonder Says:

    Love it! I have a nightguard, too – it’s gross but necessary!

  7. taylor Says:

    Too funny!

  8. Ali Says:

    lol – great show and tell .. I’m with Kirstin on the painitng it idea 😀

  9. Lori in Denver Says:

    The succulent composition puts you right up there with Niobe!

  10. Emma Says:

    my DH actually makes these! he is a dental laboratory apprentice in the air force. after the dentist or dental assistant takes the impression of your teeth he takes over and builds you whatever it is you need, be it a night guard, crown, retainer, bleaching trays, etc. definitely hold onto your cast, they can use it again for whatever you may need.
    very cool, thanks for sharing!

  11. Beautiful Mess Says:

    I’m late on commenting on you S&T post, sorry! I LOVE that you have that sitting on your desk. It’s a great idea!

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