Long, smoldering fuse

So we haven’t actually started letting her cry yet.  I think sometimes WE are the ones that need the baby steps towards sleep training.  We took another step last night and slept on the floor of our office instead of in the room that the 3 of us have been sharing.  So she can get used to sleeping in a room by herself, but it’s still a familiar room. 

It’s just that we’re in a transitional phase, and not only that, transitioning into a transitional phase in that we’re still fiddling with the details of the current arrangement.  It is DRIVING ME CRAZY.  I spent much of the morning seething about it, then T. and I “dialogued” when he came home for lunch.  That’s basically how we fight: we dialogue.  Lots of long silences.  I think we’ve only ever actually yelled at each other twice. 

I have a long fuse.  It really takes a long time before I’ll get really angry about anything.  The trouble is that it also takes me a long time to get over it.  I’ve been mad at T. a lot lately.  The lack of sleep is making me very irritable.  I hate it when I lose my patience with V. though.  It’s not her fault.


One Response to “Long, smoldering fuse”

  1. Farah Says:

    I wish we dialogued more. I get mad, yell, then cry and everyone shuts down. So it takes us a few days to get around to actually discussing. Sending you my very best thoughts

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