roller coaster life

So I’m bogged down in yet another grant application, all with its own departmental drama to boot… but I won’t go into that because it just makes me super-annoyed.

My little Widget (newest nickname – along with Rubber Biscuit, Little One-one, and Babycakes) is currently playing on T’s office floor while I try to whip off a quick post here.

I never, ever, imagined that being a [working] parent would be so effing hard. I’m interviewing babysitters tomorrow… but today I pretty much lost my proverbial marbles. I was crying, throwing dishes into the sink… poor baby just stared at me, wondering what was going on. It’s just SO HARD to get ANYTHING done. It helps if/when I can just let go of my to-do list and forget about it, and just play with and enjoy her wholly. But that’s hard to do, when the house is such a post-moving chaotic mess, and I have a deadline on Thursday, and T. is teaching four classes plus trying to keep his program from being eliminated piece by piece by what he calls the “soulless minions of orthodoxy” (line stolen from a DS9 episode).

Little by little we’re getting things figured out… but the toilet is leaking, and the belt on the dryer broke, and T. keeps taking the wrong car in the mornings (the one with the car seat in it…)

Honestly? If not for my MIL, I’d be in a straightjacket right now. Or worse.


3 Responses to “roller coaster life”

  1. Farah Says:

    i get it.. I totally understand. I am sorry

  2. Rachel Says:

    It’s hard not working and keeping up with everything. Maybe your sitters can help with the housework so that you can enjoy your time with V more.

    You may be able to pick up a second, for emergencies only carseat, at a consignment shop or on craigs.list. It may help for when T takes the wrong car.

  3. tara Says:

    sorry & i feel your pain. going back full time isn’t working for me. A suggested last night that i go back to halftime but that freaks me out too. so i’m trying to set a deadline for deciding if i can hack this right now… say by spring break.
    there is another woman at church who mentioned that her daughter (high school) is a good mom’s helper… do you want me to try to figure out who she is?

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