first snow

Good grief, long time no post.  Today was the first real snow of the year, falling thick and fast in the lamplight.  We took a bunch of stuff to the Salvation Army before stopping at the grocery store for some oddments.  The Little One-One (Critter’s new nickname, evidently) seemed fascinated by the falling flakes, although she didn’t like the cold wind in her face. 

This weekend was kind of tough – T. wasn’t feeling well, and I felt like I’d just as soon not have him around at all than have him around all tired and mopey and not much help.  Today was better, but now he’s all melancholy about leaving us for ports abroad, and the end of the year, and no more commuting.  Well, it’s not the commuting he’ll miss, but the ability to spend 60% of his time here in upstate NY rather than his hometown in VA (which he’s bored with). 

In good news, my SIL has agreed to come nanny for us while T is in Mongolia!  She’ll be here 2 weeks out of the 3, but I think I’m going to spend a good part of the Thanksgiving break visiting my sister in Savannah.  Yay!


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