another anniversary

Today (or possibly tomorrow) is the anniversary of V’s conception.  I wish I could think of something profound to say about it – but I feel like I’ve sort of exhausted the potential for profound ruminations about this year vs. last year.  I did finally have my post-partum check-up, though – nearly 4 months after the fact.  I asked the doc about trying for #2, about chances of a VBAC, about chances of hypertension again (which he put at something like 15%), and about the fibroid that they’d found.  He didn’t even remember the fibroid – had to look it up.  He said that it was actually smallish, only about 2 cm across, and the location of it was the least problematic.  For all the rest of it, there are mathematical probabilities but it’s basically another big fat unknown.

On the other hand, I’ve lost 3 lbs. 

Something concretely measurable.


5 Responses to “another anniversary”

  1. Farah Says:

    Happy Conception – oversary

  2. rachel Says:

    I understand what you mean about being profound about last year vs. this year, eventually I just realized that life will never be the same.

    Happy anniversary of sorts.

  3. tara Says:

    yea for the loss & yea for the addition 😉

  4. docgrumbles Says:

    so much can happen in a year!

  5. grad3 Says:

    well- you have lost 3 lbs… It’s something 🙂 Happy conception day, perhaps you should celebrate 😉

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