Miscellaneous Monday

One time I was boarding a bus and the bus driver said “you’ve got a third arm coming out of your stomach!”  Her little arm had worked free from the Ella Roo wrap and was sticking out of the otherwise undifferentiated bulge.  Today I was walking across a parking lot without her, and I felt like something – such as an entire limb – was missing.


Ok, so I know I was going to shut up about the in-laws, but this I could not believe.  Last night my MIL was wondering out loud whether little V. can recognize individuals (i.e. Grandma) yet, and launched into a reminiscence about when T. was about this age – maybe a little more than 3 months old – and she and FIL went on vacation, and left him behind with a sitter… FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!!  I was in SHOCK.  Wha-?  She said that they wondered whether he’d recognize them when they got back, but he seemed happy to see them… that she’d been ok the first week, but the second week was really hard because she missed him so much.  HOW ON EARTH could that have seemed like a good idea?  Even in 1965???  I cannot even IMAGINE.


5 Responses to “Miscellaneous Monday”

  1. Caro Says:

    OMG! Unbelievable.

  2. tara Says:

    i’ll have to tease T about that… but seriously, wow!? I know my parents left me at my grandparents when I was 1 or 2 years old but 3 mos?

  3. docgrumbles Says:

    even my parents never took a 2 week vacation while I was a small infant!

  4. niobe Says:

    Don’t hate me, but back when my (now-16-year-old) son was about two months old, I left him with my husband for a week while I visited my brother who lived on the other side of the country.

    Now, it was a little different, because the baby was with his dad and (of course) I wasn’t breastfeeding. But for some reason, after I had the baby, I desperately, desperately missed my brother and my brother’s work schedule (he was in the middle of a medical residency) made it impossible for him to come to see me. I figured that it was better to leave the baby while it was really little, rather than waiting until he was old enough to realize I was gone.

    So, do I win the bad mommy award?

  5. eep6 Says:

    Niobe – it’s lame of me, but I’ll never judge a fellow SQ. Only my in-laws. Yeah, I’m a bad daughter-in-law!

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