I’m coming to terms with my incision, particularly as it heals. On my doula’s* recommendation, I ordered this kit online and the scents are wonderful. Rubbing the salve on every day reminds me to care for and nurture myself and my healing process. Ok, that sounds incredibly sanctimonious – but there it is – something that needs to happen. During my low moments the thought that I will always have this scar brings me to tears. Not for cosmetic reasons, but for the reminder of the losses involved in this birth. Honestly, those losses are so far outweighed by the joy that is my little baby girl, by a very long shot – but at the same time, still there. I was reading this post on Trish’s blog (go over and congratulate her on the birth of little Robbie!!) and really relating to the part that starts “I feel cheated…” (scroll down a bunch) although of course my situation was much less severe, and I did get to experience a lot of the things that she didn’t. But not labor. I’ll get over it. But this “loss” is what the incision reminds me of.

Enough negativity! Let’s look at more cute pictures instead!

* Next post coming up: in praise of our doula


3 Responses to “Incision”

  1. tara Says:

    meg continued to feel cheated by her c-section for a while too.
    valerie is adorable and you look great!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I know that the c-section was hard for you. You can also look at it as a wonderful reminder that your daughter came from you!

  3. Dr. Grumbles Says:

    I’d say she was worth it!

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