T. says it’s like being poised on the balls of your feet, ready to dart in any direction depending on the next move of the ball (it’s evidently a sports metaphor, which I study like a foreign language).

Is mentally preparing for a cesarean birth defeatist? My sister told me about her SIL, whose baby was breech until the day before she was born. The family was sitting around the living room and they all watched the undulations of her belly as the baby turned. Prior to this, the SIL’s parents were vehemently trying to talk her into having a c-section, but SIL just balked, refused.

Is acquiescence to the Doc’s recommendations wimping out? Do you fight the current or go with the flow?

Last night I dreamed the baby had turned, but this morning found that it’s still hanging out in its favorite spot, elbow in my navel, head under my rib cage.


4 Responses to “Metaphors”

  1. Dr. Grumbles Says:

    This sounds like a time for acquiesance – you can’t force a baby to turn. All that really matters is that the little arrives alive and healthy – so I am hoping for that in a big way.

  2. Kristen Says:

    I don’t think you are wimping out at all! You have no control over the baby’s position and sometimes, the baby is just comfortable and stubborn 🙂

    I agree with PP that the most important thing is a delivery of a healthy baby – whether that be vaginal or via c-section. And I have a feeling that once you hear that baby cry and meet him/her for the first time, everything leading up to this will fade away. XOXO

  3. Rachel Says:

    I have a tendancy to go with the flow.

    But, if you are really opposed to the c-section, find out what the risk of waiting a day or two is. Then weigh your options.

  4. tara Says:

    i have no advice for you… but sending mental hugs your way.

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