Cautious Mode

Not sure why, I’ve gone into cautious mode again. Part of it has to do with what feels like a mellow baby day. I’ve poked and prodded and calculated until I think I have a fair idea of how the Critter is positioned – sideways, facing back. I’m not getting any more big kicks or punches, just squirmy feelings. This means that instead of being startled by the movements, I have to pay attention in order to notice them. Which creates an impression of less movement overall. Which leads to worrying. But we had a long hiccup session this morning, and just enough squirms and tickles and deep-down thumps to keep me going.


3 Responses to “Cautious Mode”

  1. Dr. Grumbles Says:

    I know it must be so nerve wracking! Hoping for plenty of signs of life!

  2. CO Cessnas Says:

    I had the same observations and nervousness during the last couple of months. I think a doc told me that when the baby is bigger it has less room to move…that thought was comforting to me at the time….

  3. Rachel Says:

    I noticed the same thing with LG. I think it is completly normal to feel cautious.

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