The JLo story

This is probably a waste of cyber-space, but I was thinking about what I would do if I were in the public eye, like a certain 38yo new mother of twins whom we all suspect of lying her ass off about not using ART to conceive. I feel like I can’t throw stones, mainly because I have been pretty private about our infertility – not even my in-laws know – and I can’t help but think that I might very well do the same thing. Maybe not LIE, outright, but maybe just not tell all.

At the same time, what bothers me about the interview in People (yes, I did read it) – besides the ridiculously ostentatious display of wealth, which always turns me off – was the repeated use of the word natural. Why is it so much more important that conception have been “natural” than birth and feeding? She is quite comfortable discussing her scheduled C-section and decision not to breastfeed, without any intimation that there could be a philosophical contradiction somewhere in there.

I know that I too am susceptible to the glorification of all things “natural,” but the thing is – it’s not that clear-cut.


One Response to “The JLo story”

  1. Kristen Says:

    The word “natural” also bothers me. Like babies made from IVF and IUI or fertility drugs aren’t natural? They are made from egg and sperm, right?

    I just get upset when celebrities have the opportunity to bring awareness to real issues and not only choose not to, but outright lie. Even if twins do run in her husband’s family, that has squat to do with her popping 2 eggs. Okay, I’m done now đŸ™‚

    Happy 30 weeks! Not too much longer now!

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