The Truth :-)

Rachel wins – 2 & 5 are the Truths!

1. My first pet was a boa constrictor.
Lie – I always wanted one, though. I think they are beautiful; they are not venomous, and you only have to feed them once a week.

2. As a young adult, I used to regularly drive a motorcycle (Honda XL 125) across a river (during dry season).
True! – One of my proudest accomplishments 🙂 This was actually in Bolivia during my volunteer days.

3. We briefly had a monkey as a pet, until it was killed by army ants.
Lie – or, rather, half-true: we did have a pet monkey, but it died of a cold/flu/respiratory illness. We used to feed it fruit, grasshoppers, and cockroaches. A family I babysat for had a monkey as a pet, too, and while I was babysitting army ants came through the yard and so we had to bring the monkey indoors so the ants wouldn’t kill it. They are pretty voracious.

4. One time my sister was swimming in the lake near our house and a piranha bit off part of her little toe. The next day, a boy we went to school with was fishing and caught a piranha. When he gutted it, he found the missing piece of her toe inside!
Lie – or, again, half-true: this happened not to my sister, but to a girl who went to our school some years before we did. And the boy who caught the fish was her brother.

5. As kids, we always went barefoot everywhere, including to school and to church. I even learned to drive a motorcycle barefoot.

100% true.

6. I learned to speak Quechua before either Spanish or English.

Lie – I learned Spanish and English simultaneously, although my first words were mostly in Spanish. I grew up hearing Quechua spoken all around me, but my playmates all spoke either Spanish or English, so I didn’t learn Quechua until I studied it as an adult. Then it came quite easily to me.

7. One time in the 1990s when shopping with a group of friends in town, gunfire opened up on the street (terrorist-related activity) and we had to hide in the back of a truck until it died down.

Lie – but it did happen to some of my friends.

8. For several years when I was in elementary school, my mom cooked all our meals over an open fire. Yep, just like you see on “Survivor.”

Lie – but our neighbors (in one place we lived) did. We had a two-burner camp stove.


2 Responses to “The Truth :-)”

  1. Grad3 Says:

    You are way more interesting than I can EVER hope to be! 🙂

  2. Rachel Says:

    OK, I have decided my youngest brother was born into the wrong family, he should have been your brother.

    He has wanted to move to the jungle pretty much since he learned how to talk. If he ever does, I’ll have to have him e-mail you for tips.

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