Don’t Scare Me Like That…

All is well. But I had a heck of a scare this morning. When I got to my office, I went to the bathroom, where I absent-mindedly checked the TP (as always) after wiping. And saw blood. I stared at it in terrified incomprehension. My first thought was, do I have a cut or lesion down there? Because it was a bright red smear. And then I remembered that I had used the same TP to blow my nose (BEFORE I peed!). It was just a winter-weather nasal-dryness little blot of nose-blood.

Damn, woman. Don’t do that to yourself.


2 Responses to “Don’t Scare Me Like That…”

  1. tara Says:

    yikes! that’s enough to give you high bp.
    hope u r staying warm & well- just recovering from 4.5 days of high fever… not recommended 😦

  2. SaraS-P Says:

    One time I thought AF was here, but it turned out to be facial makeup on the TP… because I, like you, blew my nose before wiping!

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