Infertile-PG musings

I was just starting to feel all comfortable, maybe even complacent, with my current condition. I’ve been feeling better than great – good energy, good appetite, hit my stride for the semester – I was even starting to get a little ho-hum about the regularity of Critter’s kicking.

And then Critter got kind of quiet. Last night at around 8, which is usually prime-time for movement, I noticed along period where I felt nothing at all. So I did a kick count, and got 10 kicks in 90 minutes. But… they felt kind of feeble. So all through the night, whenever I’d wake up to go to the bathroom or eat a bite of banana, I would wait for it… and wait for it… and sometimes I’d fall asleep before I felt it.

This morning was more of the same, and I started getting really anxious. So I downed a cup of hot chocolate and at a muffin; half an hour later, I called the nurse. Normally I hate to feel like I’m being a nuisance, but I talked with my office mate and she encouraged me to call.

The nurse said that at 23 weeks, Critter is still small enough that kick counts are really not very accurate. If Critter has turned facing backwards, then likely I won’t feel much of anything at all. She said not to worry, unless I felt nothing at all for 6-8 hours straight. Well, that hasn’t happened yet – so I felt a lot better. I did actually notice, last night, an oddly transversal sensation, that made me wonder whether baby was turning around or shifting position in a big way. So her explanation made sense.

And then the hot chocolate kicked in and someone started dancing on my bladder again…

So right now my head feels like it’s full of cotton, thanks to the subsequent crash post sugar buzz… but that’s ok. I’ll take it.


2 Responses to “Infertile-PG musings”

  1. SaraS-P Says:

    Ok, Critter, stop scaring your mother like that! Don’t you know how hard she fought to get this far!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I remember those days well, it will make a girl panic.

    I can’t believe you are already 23 weeks, it seems like the time has flown by.

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