wee bit of drama

Yesterday afternoon MFG (click on initials for backstory) e-mailed me with free tickets to a play, so T. and I decided to go. Just as the lights were going down in the very tiny theater I scanned the audience and saw my old flame, A., sitting towards the back and to my right. I didn’t say anything to T – basically I turned into a deer in the headlights and just tried to focus on the show. Which was terrific, by the way.

At intermission, while T. was in the restroom, MFG ran over and said “Did you see A. is here? I’m so sorry!” I told her not to worry about it and engaged a conversation with another friend who was with us. But as soon as T. came back, I caught A. coming over and… he introduced himself to T., said hi to me, introduced the woman he was with (and yes, she looked barely 21), and then MFG came over again and pulled him away into another conversation.

After the play we slipped out without talking to him again. It was just a social situation I felt completely unprepared to deal with. My main concern afterwards was whether I’d done anything to upset T., but all he said was “He didn’t look like what I pictured” and cracked a couple jokes about how he should have pinched A’s butt and then said “Elizabeth!” in shocked tones.

So now T. has met A. And I guess there’s really not much more to tell.

P-word note – the Critter loved the show – it was a musical comedy, and during all the most energetic songs s/he wiggled and kicked and moved all around like crazy! It was pretty awesome 🙂


3 Responses to “wee bit of drama”

  1. Rachel Says:

    My little guy seemed to really like anything with a heavy beat.

  2. SaraS-P Says:

    Oooh…definitely awkward!

    Glad the critter got to enjoy the show!

  3. Grad3 Says:

    That must have been strange for you but you handled it like a champ!

    Lil’ P likes music A LOT, especially when it sounds big and brassy 🙂

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