I’m the one dropping P-bombs now

Last night I ran into not one, but two fellow stirrup queens and can’t help mulling over how different the encounters were from one another. I previously e-mailed each of them individually with my own P-bomb.

6:35 p.m. ~ She was running out of the gym with her husband, S., while I sat in the car out front waiting to pick up mine. Her face lit up, and she ran over to the car. I got out and she gave me a big hug, with an enthusiastic “congratulations! How big are you? How are you? S., they’re pregnant!” We talked for a few minutes, during which she enthusiastically recommended “Juno,” then they took off because it was frickin’ cold. They decided last year, after 7 years and 4 IVF attempts to live child-free.

7:05 p.m. ~ Their car pulled up just behind ours at a mutual friend’s house for the weekly evening of Star Trek and sugary snacks (which we’ve not been attending much since I started school again). The husband waved and called out “good to see you!” Inside, I asked the wife how school is going and listened to her unhappiness for a few minutes as she stole glances at my belly (hidden as much as I could – at home, I’d tried on three different sweaters before settling on the one I thought hid it best). She’s knitting a gorgeous spring-green baby blanket – they’re in the two-year wait for a domestic adoption. Her frustration at this delay was palpable.

I didn’t quite know how to be, with the second friend. Fortunately the rest of the group were sensitive enough to avoid asking me any P-related questions during the evening. It’s weird to have the proverbial shoe on the other foot.

Minutes before we left NY on Saturday, I got an e-mail from the notorious B. – turns out that with this trip to VA, I’m missing her brief campus visit with 4-week-old baby L. Her e-mail said, “call me anytime if you want advice on pregnancy or birth.” I think I’d rather dive naked into a swimming pool full of razor blades. Is that just incredibly petty? I mean, I’ve been mentally filing away advice from other women since 2004… I just don’t want any advice from her

I think I need to just get over it… but I would never demand that from Ms. 7:05.


2 Responses to “I’m the one dropping P-bombs now”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I don’t remember the story behind that woman. You will get tons of advice. When LG was 3 or 4 days old my husband had to get the plates renewed on the car and I had to check on some work stuff. he got parenting advice from many strangers in the line. He said it was really strange.

  2. Grad3 Says:

    I am sure that it was a new feeling for you… quite strange I am sure!

    It’s sounds like you handled it well though- good for you!

    I was having a really difficult time with a friend and her constantly telling me what to do and buy… blah, blah, blah. My sister told me that it takes preactice to turn a deaf ear. So it’s what I am currently trying to practice with “those people” 🙂

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