20 weeks!

Halfway there! I’m not showing as much as I thought I would be at this point; could be the retroverted uterus I guess. But lots of kicking. This morning though I woke up from a bad dream of blood on the TP – so I had hot chocolate for breakfast to provoke kicking.

We’re in VA for a few days and evidently word has gotten around; T. says people keep coming up to him with congratulations. What throws him, he said, is when they say “good job!” He finally came up with a pretty good comeback: “Couldn’t have done it without Elizabeth!” 🙂


2 Responses to “20 weeks!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    People do say weird stuff when they find out.

    You’ll be showing soon enough, and then way more than you thought possible later on.

    Just so you know, one of my friends is 21 weeks with her 2nd and she isn’t showing at all. Another is 23 weeks and looks like she is due in 2 months. Everyone shows at a different rate, I am sure your baby is growing properly.

  2. SaraS-P Says:

    Some women just don’t show much. I had a colleague who didn’t seem to show until the third trimester…the people she hadn’t told said things like, “Wait, have you been PREGNANT all this time???”

    And, no, he couldn’t have done anything without you!

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