All about the symptoms

Now that I’m more relaxed, I’m also obsessing more about physical symptoms. The good news is that my blood pressure is coming down – 125/82 today. The bottom number tends to run between 82 and 84, the top number has come down from 132 from yesterday. So that’s reassuring.

I’m definitely getting a tummy, though you can’t tell so much with the nice big winter sweaters I’ve been wearing 🙂 But I can feel everything stretching and expanding.

Monday I felt lots of Critter movement while we were driving to NY; yesterday maybe a little flutter, but nothing else this week. So I’m obsessing about that. I know it’s really early to be feeling movement at all, but while we were travelling it seemed to be more frequent and I miss it now. I miss the reassurance.

I’ve also had a little return of the evening nausea and sensitivity to strong smells. And I’m catching up on lost sleep like a hibernating bear!

But otherwise I feel fine.

This morning I had the second blood draw for the integrated screening test thing, they said I’d have the results in a week. So we’ll see how that goes.


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