Critter and P-word stuff

This past weekend we went to AZ for my SIL’s graduation from business school (she totally rocked too, getting several major awards!) and worked our way through the ice storms of Saturday to get back to the East Coast. All the travel pretty much wiped me out for a few days; I was kind of worried yesterday about how “off” I felt – but after lots of sleep and eating more regularly I feel much better. I’ve been feeling Critter movement almost every day, and that’s so fun.

I was thinking about my last post in conjunction with another nagging thought, and realized that I’m pondering the meaning of life (as usual) but more specifically wondering how becoming a parent will affect my sense of identity.

There’s this online game I like to play (in the Tetris genre – very simple stuff) and I found that every time I was playing this game I’d end up thinking about this author for some reason (“a very sick man, in the best sense of the word”) whom T and I quite enjoy. We were introduced to him by friends who just had a baby, and I kept thinking “Will A&T still read Christopher Moore now that they’re parents?” As though these two activities are incompatible. T and I enjoy the odd vampire novel, and I started to wonder, will I have to get rid of them all this summer?

For the record, A&T continue to be ardent C. Moore readers, and T. says we don’t have to worry about our sketchier books since the Critter won’t be learning to read for quite some time. But that doesn’t really answer my underlying question, which only time will tell.


2 Responses to “Critter and P-word stuff”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I had no idea you were far enough along to feel your baby move. That was one of the most comforting things to me.

    I guess you’ll have to hide or get rid of your books at some point, but you have awhile.

    I had the same thought yesterday only in terms of words I use. I don’t really use bad language, but there are certain things a child shouldn’t say. When do I have to start watching my language, now?

  2. tara Says:

    ahh so the previous post was the ‘what is going to change’ thoughts…
    well good news is that even some of the nursing bras come in lace šŸ˜‰ although i had to buy a pink one

    b4 baby, i worried about how much it is going to change work– now mostly i wonder how long it will be until i can get 8 hours of sleep…

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