"Wierd Little Family"

This weekend one of my professors hosted a small party at his house; as I was taking leave of the host he said, “So V. announced in faculty meeting that you’re expecting.”

I was so surprised (V. is my advisor), I didn’t know what to say.

“Yeah,” he went on, “we’re a wierd little family here.”

So today the director of grad students stopped by my office with congratulations, and to talk a little bit (pre-negotiate, if you will) about my plans for next year. At this point I’m planning to carry on as planned – assuming all goes well (we always have to tack that on, don’t we, in case the gods are listening). But it could affect which TA-ship I get. Right now I’m actually teaching my own class, which is really fun but also quite demanding. She doesn’t think I should try to take that on next fall. Welll, we’ll see. I felt a lot better about being here with an infant after talking with my landlady – she’s very supportive, and also said her 15 year old twins would love to babysit 🙂 So, again, we’ll see. Many unknowns yet coming down the pike.


One Response to “"Wierd Little Family"”

  1. Grad3 Says:

    Sounds like you have a chatty family 😉 My surpervisor outed me at work several weeks ago- right around the time you are now… ah “family”.

    I bet it was critter you were feeling. Sometimes when little p moves it feels like little bubbles or popcorn popping. Yay for critter!!!

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