Another post about the P-word.

This morning I was sitting very still with my laptop writing a paper, when I felt a really *different* sensation, just over my pubic bone, towards the front. It was like a gentle wave-like movement and lasted for maybe 15 seconds. I felt it again about an hour later, after eating a piece of chocolate (hey, I do what it takes to get papers done by deadline). It was kind of, but not really, like indigestion or queasiness, but not as uncomfortable.

Could it be the Critter????? At 14w2d????? Already????? I’d love to think so… I guess I can believe whatever I want 🙂 I just wasn’t expecting to feel anything for another four weeks, at least.

I have one more paper to write, and 15 final projects to grade, but all I really want to think about is my little mouse.


2 Responses to “Already????”

  1. Caro Says:

    Could be, I’ve been feeling stuff since I was only just over 12 weeks.

    As for the midwife vs doctor question I’d go with what you’re comfortable with. Midwifes are standard here but I know that things are done differently in the US.

  2. niobe Says:

    Especially if you’re relatively thin to start with, it’s not uncommon to feel movement at a very early stage.

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