I’m back, and a little annoyed

(Skip this post if you don’t feel like hearing me complain.)

Coming back from the conference, I changed my ride plans so I could stay a little longer since T. was there and it was our only time together until next Thursday. I caught a later ride, leaving DC at 2 p.m. We knew there was bad weather coming in but expected it earlier in the day. Nonetheless, we headed out into some light rain… and the car quit about 40 minutes later. Long story short, got towed 98 miles to a city where the driver has family, went to the airport to pick up a rental car, drove the rest of the way into increasingly bad weather, got home around midnight.

Instead of going to bed, I worked on an article review that was due today. It felt good to get it done and I went to sleep with my alarm set for 11 a.m. so I could make my 12:00 meeting.

At 11:20 I checked my e-mail and learned that the meeting has been postponed until Wednesday!!!! GRRRRR!!!! The reason? People have been “too busy” with the conference and end-of-semester work to get all their reviews done on time.

What?!?!?! I was at the same conference, where I had two presentations (a paper and a poster), traveled 9 hours in sucky weather WITH a car break-down to get back here in time for the meeting, AND I got the review done… when I could have gone home with T. for another 2 days and been able to go see Tara’s new baby…

So I’m a little pissed.

Whatever. We got home safely and the yucky weather outside actually makes me feel more like working. So off I go.


One Response to “I’m back, and a little annoyed”

  1. tara Says:

    ahh the infamous punishment of the efficient. that is too cruel-

    the baby is doing well, i am EXHAUSTED in a way that i didn’t think was possible and my vagina is still sore. I wish that they had given me one of those inner tube butt pillows.

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