Strangest Dream EVER

I was in church with Terry, and we sat down about halfway towards the front on the right-hand side. It didn’t look like my idea of “church,” but I knew that was what we were there for. It was an amphitheater, with steeply inclined concrete steps instead of benches or pews to sit on. They were very uncomfortable. As we were settling in I saw Viggo Mortensen – made eye contact, nodded hello – I thought, “I guess he remembers me from the film.”

When the service started, it involved a tall thin man with white hair showing us how to make hand-made paper.* I actually went up front to see from close-up. He was making a range of kinds of paper, from fine to coarse, and articulating some analogy to spirituality. All the paper had inclusions of different kinds, mostly pressed flowers. The colors were in a range of lavender, lilac, and blue-gray. He dropped one piece and I helped him pick it up carefully (seems like it was still damp).

So then I went back to sit with Terry again, and there were piles and piles of pillows and cushions all over the seats, little puffy ones – white and mint green. Terry was drinking a beer, and I saw people walking in with bottles of all sizes, and growlers even. Everyone had beer. Someone said it was something they were doing to keep people coming to church. The atmosphere was very much like a sports event.

So then this dramatic spectacle of a musical number started, complete with oversized sunglasses swinging from the ceiling (spectacle, get it?). We got a little fed up and left.

Outside, there were skeletons everywhere. It was really gross and kind of upsetting. There was one that we were particularly responsible for, as well as a collection of bones. All the skeletons had bits of clothing and desiccated flesh still on them. At first I only saw them lying in black plastic bags sort of heaped around the doorway to the church, which seemed to be an enormous building – like a parking garage – partly underground. Then I saw rows and rows of skeletons all along the roof, all the way around. They were everywhere I looked. Terry and I had to do something with our skeleton but I’m not sure what – take care of it, in some way. I felt quite upset.

What could it possibly MEAN??? Skeletons and beer in church??? Interpretations coming soon…

*Which is one of my hobbies in real life.


One Response to “Strangest Dream EVER”

  1. Samantha Says:

    That is one weird dream! I have no idea of meaning!

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