Miscellaneous updates

Docu-drama: So I had tea with A. on Tuesday; perhaps the most significant aspect of it was the lack of drama. When I saw him last year, my hands were shaking the whole time. This time? Eh. I felt as though I’ve been innoculated against the charm. The glamour, in the old-fashioned sense of the word, was gone. Thank you, MFG; once again, thank you.

I didn’t end up saying much at all in class re kinship studies, as the conversation went elsewhere. I actually didn’t end up saying much at all since I hadn’t finished the reading and so had little to say.

Happiness challenge: this is a little belated, but October was meditation month. I started out doing well – October 2 was the day I got the bfp, so there was a particular emotional intensity to those first few weeks. After that it tapered off but I did keep doing the sun salutations more regularly, so that has been a good effect.

Niobe suggested I set up a site feed – complete with instructions! – but I still can’t seem to figure it out. The thingy was already set to “full.” What else might I need to do?

10w3d. I seem to have entered the random crying fits phase of symptoms. I took two naps today and I’m still so tired. While meeting with a student in my office this afternoon I knocked over a cup of hot chocolate and it spilled all over my cold-weather paraphenelia – hat, gloves, scarf – I had to rinse them out in the bathroom sink and my office took on an odd mix of wet wool and hot chocolate smells. Someone told me clumsiness comes with the territory. Anyway, I got a ride home with a friend so did not suffer the cold unduly. I still wonder daily whether the critter is still alive. But I try to assume all is well unless indicated otherwise.


5 Responses to “Miscellaneous updates”

  1. Caro Says:

    I think going password protected kills the feed.

    As for the clumsiness – certainly comes with the territory for me.

  2. SaraS-P Says:

    Other than hot chocolate messes, I am happy to read that things are progressing nicely.

  3. Rachel Says:

    I am definetly more clumsy than before, like I needed help in that area.

    Glad your tea went well.

  4. niobe Says:

    Caro is probably right about the feed issue. Sigh.

  5. niobe Says:

    Oh, and I envy you the innoculation.

    Because, after all this time, it looks like I am really never going to get over S. Never. Never. Never.

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