Things that make me go Hmmm

Last night I called my dad and told him (mom and sister were getting weary of sitting on the news). He cried, which made me cry. It was very sweet.

You know what makes me feel sad though, is how different my parents’ reactions are from when my sister announced her pregnancy several years ago. She wasn’t married, and my folks went POSTAL. It was really ugly for awhile. I wish they could have been as happy for her as they are for me.

It makes no sense to me at all.

Bea at Infertile Fantasies is discussing preginfertilispeak protocols – what kinds and extent of complaining about pg symptoms are ok within the context of a history of IF? I’m constantly monitoring symptoms, and constantly worried about every little variation. I don’t have morning sickness. I get acid reflux starting early- to mid-afternoon, most days, but not everyday. In the evenings, I am most sensitive to strong smells – they make me gag but I have yet to yack. The closest thing to a craving I’ve had is I want to eat bananas all the time, and I normally don’t like store-bought bananas (I was spoiled growing up by the great variety of fresh bananas we had available in tropical Peru).

My tiredness and shortness of breath have been somewhat ameliorated by taking a multivitamin with iron. And of course, there’s the constant monitoring of breast tenderness. The difference in size is finally noticeable to T., and I’ve had to start wearing a bra under my pajamas. But the question is… does it mean anything?

I’m so impatient for the next 222 days to go by FAST. Especially the 11 days until my next scan.


2 Responses to “Things that make me go Hmmm”

  1. Rachel Says:

    After my loss, I thought I’d never complain about pregnancy symptoms. Mine seemed to have been quite similar to yours. When I started gagging everytime I brushed my teeth, that is where I drew the line. I don’t mean a little gag, I mean dry heaving for a couple minutes. I couldn’t help but complain, I was in pain.

    I do keep reminding myself of the light at the end of the tunnel and how much I longed for this.

  2. Kami Says:

    Don’t wish it away – try to enjoy it. Not to be too negative, but when we lost our son, my one regret is that I wished away the time we had together.

    I have been trying to find a balance too about the pg symptoms. Sure, it isn’t comfortable, but how can I complain when I have waited so long? When I would have been disgusted to hear a fertile complain? But is it really healthy (emotionally) to pretend it is all easy?

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