It’s a beautiful day here, clear and sunny with brilliantly intense autumn colors.

The weekend was good: I told my sister, and she was so excited – she jumped immediately to questions about whether I was considering a home birth, etc. (her road to motherhood has been completely different from mine – from the surprise pregnancy and shotgun wedding, to living in a tent until ten days before the home birth). I’m not quite ready to go there yet, except for a vague notion that if all goes well we’ll probably get an extention on our lease through June (right now it’s up May 31) and then go move back to VA for the rest of the summer. But it’s way too soon to make those plans.

She also told me she’d been worried I might be ovulating this weekend, because T. and I were in the guest room next to the upstairs bathroom, that doubles as a hallway… yeah, no worries!

I told my mom while we were doing dishes after the huge turkey dinner she put on for my sister’s birthday and engagement. She cried and hugged me for a long time. I asked her not to tell my dad yet because he has been known to blurt things out, especially if he’s tired, that he’s not supposed to share. So I’ll call later this week and tell him once they’re done socializing and ready to go back to Peru. She told me that she’d been thinking about the costs of treatments, and had been working on a plan to go in together with T.’s parents to help pay for us to go see a specialist in Mexico that she heard about on TV, “who is supposedly this miracle worker.” I actually found that really funny. It’s so Mom.

We called T’s parents over Skype on Sunday night and showed them the ultrasound picture. My MIL was incredulous – I said “this is your first grandchild!” And she was like “Really??? Are you SURE?” She told T. to take good care of me. 🙂 He does.

Best of all, my antsy Aunt C. was completely discreet, as was cousin V. Thankfully.

So I’m starting to get used to the idea. Even if it all goes south (and every weird feeling from the belly button down has me worried), for now I’m just really, really happy.

p.s. oh yeah – I did put up a new ticker, but it’s at the very bottom of the page… I still feel like the old one is good luck and am loathe to move it…


3 Responses to “Telling”

  1. Caro Says:

    I had to smile because the first thing my family said when I told them was that S has to take care of me (or else).

    Oh and yoiu ticker is kind of hard to find ;).

  2. Rachel Says:

    I am so glad telling your family went well. I am also glad you have t to take care of you. Trust me, you will be really glad in a few months.

  3. niobe Says:

    I did find your very discreet ticker. The telling sounds like a great succes.

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