Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has left words of encouragement and congratulation. I know it’s not the easiest news to hear from the trenches; there is always that feeling of “when will it be my turn?” no matter how much goodwill you also feel towards a fellow SQ.

Leave it to Caro to point out the Kantian perspective :-). Of course it is hubris to think of one’s self in exceptionalist terms – but that seems to be a hallmark of a tendency towards depression. I remember at my lowest points believing that everyone else’s children would grow up happy and healthy, but if I had children, they would only grow up to suffer and hate me. Not very logical.

I’m finding it very weird and a little unsettling to keep this under wraps with people I know. Every time I talk on the phone with someone I’m close to and don’t tell them, I feel like I’m deceiving them – especially those who have been most supportive on this journey. But I’ll wait until Wednesday, then see what T. will agree to. (Actually the cat’s out of the bag already with a few folks – but we’re not telling him that!) (Too many secrets!!!)

Anyway… counting the days, hoping everything will turn out ok.


7 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Caro Says:

    Wow you make me sound all clever and stuff. I agree on the tendency to depression though. There is definitely this tendency in my family and I often find myself teetering on the brink of the black hole and wondering if I was deserving of things.

    As for the secrets I confess I told a few people before I was officially allowed to as well – sometimes it just slips out ;-).

  2. Samantha Says:

    I hope things turn out okay too! It is good to remind yourself sometimes that you probably won’t be singled out for black things happening.

  3. tara Says:

    i was wondering when the scan was- can T be there?

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    No, he can’t be here. We talked about the possibility of him blowing off all his classes this week… it’s just Wednesdays are right in the middle of his work week.

    If I need to, I have someone I can call to come get me.

  5. Mommy Someday Says:

    To tell or not to tell. It is a very difficult decision. Good luck to you! Can’t wait to read about your first scan!

  6. Rachel Says:

    I’m sorry T can’t be at your scan. I really hope it goes well.

    I had a hard time figuring out when to tell people. You’ll know the right time.

  7. littledifficult Says:

    Best of luck with your scan!

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