BBT still holding steady… brown spotting… cd36?!?!??! I haven’t seen cd36 since, oh, 2000.

Here is my conundrum: my sprm donor can only be here on the weekends (Thurs p.m. through Mon p.m.). My clinic is closed on Sundays. On Clmid, I ovulate around cd14. Without it, it’s usually cd 18.

So. If I want another IUI attempt, I have to start my cycle on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.


4 Responses to “Calculations”

  1. Caro Says:

    OK here’s hoping for the cycle to start tomorrow.

  2. Baby Blues Says:

    Good luck!

    Love your new header. How’d you do it? Nice.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Baby Blues!!
    Under “layout,” click on “edit” in the title box and there’s an option to upload a photo. This is from a picture my sister took of a farm near Cuzco.

  4. HarakahDaily Says:

    Artikel yg sgt menarik..terima kasih kerana berkongsi 🙂

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