the Other Plan

When hit with the realization that this summer was NOT going to be the most conducive to conception (due to all the traveling), I decided that come fall I would contact this naturopathic doctor and just hear what she had to say. Has anyone else tried something like this? Thoughts? I’m going to call Monday for an appointment.

I’m not giving up on Clmid/IUI, but wonder what else is out there that I could do to maximize my health and my chances of conceiving.

I am just so freaking glad this summer is over. Good stuff happened, and I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am just so glad this summer is over. I’m done with it.


One Response to “the Other Plan”

  1. Zee Says:

    I think the naturopathic route is DEFINITELY worth looking into. I’ve gone more the TCM route, but the basic principle is the same: through diet and appropriate herbs/supplements, make your body as healthy and balanced as possible. Even if it doesn’t result in spontaneous conception, it will certainly help get you in better shape for whatever medical assistance you decide to pursue. The healthier and more balanced you are, the better. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

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