From the complaint department

We all know know mother nature can be a bitch. It’s just the passive-aggressiveness that is starting to get to me. Yesterday inaugurated our Likely Ovulation Week (or LOW) and accompanying FDMOBMS (Forced Death March for short). At the same time, we both came down with colds, thanks no doubt to the crazy-ass pace of the work we’ve been doing as well as the winter chill. (Remember, south of the Equator = winter in August). These factors combined produce a decided anti-aphrodisiac. Granted, winter in Santa Cruz looks like this, sans ice/snow/etc., but where houses are completely unheated 45 degrees F can feel pretty nippy. We’re tired, we’re snuffly, and it’s too cold to take my clothes off.


2 Responses to “From the complaint department”

  1. SaraS-P Says:

    Oh no!

  2. niobe Says:

    Sounds pretty much all around sucky. And not in a good way.

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