Outta here

We leave for Bolivia today – started spotting last night – here’s to the last gasp of the summer.

This past week has been all about touching base with SQ friends. Saw SQ friend yesterday who offered me her leftover injectables. She’s going to do one more IUI and then call it quits. They’re looking into local adoption agencies. She looked so small and forlorn when she told me all this.

I had this bizarre dream the other night where an older friend was coming towards me, and when I saw her bump (she’s not pg IRL, I think her husband recently had a vasectomy in fact) I threw myself into a pit of mud, then buried my head in it while I heard her talking with others about me (all very concerned and sympathetic). Then I went into another friend’s house to get all my stuff I had stored there, and she herded her small children away from me in fear that I was going to steal them. “Infertile women aren’t crazy!” I shouted, and ran away.


5 Responses to “Outta here”

  1. Caro Says:

    Enjoy Bolivia, I’ve never been but S. enjoyed it.

  2. Baby Blues Says:

    Have fun! Can’t wait for you to post pictures.

  3. Baby Blues Says:

    I had a similar dream. I was playing with some children in a party and when the moms came in, they started herding them away. I wanted to scream.

    By the way, please email me at babybluebabbles@yahoo.com so I could send you an invitation to my blog. Decided to go private.

  4. SaraS-P Says:

    No, we just have crazy dreams!

  5. Samantha Says:

    Have a good trip and I hope you have more restful dreams!

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