Belated meme

8 random things about myself:

1) I have a very mixed heritage: my grandfather immigrated to Peru from Japan in 1925 at age 11. When he grew up, he married a local girl and they had 8 kids. My mom was #4. When she was in her 20s, she met my dad who had just gone to Peru as a missionary from the US. He’s straight-up Anglo with a genealogy going back to the Mayflower. My sister and I grew up mostly in Peru.

2) My early childhood memories involve playing with Quechua children in rural villages in Peru. When I was 7, I learned how to weave a belt on a back-strap loom.

3) I placed 6th in a regional (Western NY) spelling bee at age 10.

4) My senior year in high school I was both valedictorian and student council president. It helped that there were only 20 kids in grades 9-12.

5) As an undergrad, I and two friends started a Medieval Club at our midwestern school. The highlight of the year was a hand-kissing contest that I helped judge.

6) After graduating, I spent four years as a community development volunteer in rural Bolivia, which is where I met my husband!

7) During that time, I had a motorcycle accident in which I fractured my left tibia. But I didn’t think it was broken, so I hobbled around on it for five days before getting an x-ray and, subsequently a cast. It was while laid up for six weeks that I learned how to knit.

8) One time, between jobs, I spent 7 months or so writing a novel that I’ve never showed to anyone.

I tag anyone reading this who hasn’t done it yet!!!


2 Responses to “Belated meme”

  1. Samantha Says:

    What an interesting heritage you have! My parents’ families have both been America for a long time, I always thought it would be interesting to have grown up learning from multiple cultures as you did.

  2. SaraS-P Says:

    My university needs a medieval club!

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