Hey, thanks people for your comments re my friend and the email etc. etc. I did hear from her a couple days ago, she’s doing ok and wants to hang out this summer. 🙂

Temp still at 97.7, work is getting done, and one week from tomorrow I’m going to Peru!!! Yay!


4 Responses to “Briefly”

  1. tara Says:

    hey, i can drive the van if you need me to, but that is faculty staff conference day so actually i did have ‘plans’, plans that i am willing to skip to support our commitment to cross-cultural understanding….

    keep the focus, almost to peru!

  2. thirdtimelucky Says:

    Peru sounds good, we went there a few years ago and loved it.

  3. Baby Blues Says:

    Looking forward to you posting photos from Peru. I haven’t been there and would love to see the scenery!

  4. Watson Says:


    Sounds fabulous! I hope you have a great time.


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