Last night, spotting. Not old brown, fresh pinky-red. Heart sinks, a little profanity is heard in the bathroom.
This morning, clean panty-liner, bbt still high

HPTs left behind in VA.*

Morning wake-up call from the Bear; consultation: do I run out to the pharmacy, desperately holding my morning pee? Or leave the pee in a cup while I run the errand? Decision: wait and see what happens – I’ll know for sure either way soon enough. Decision influenced as much by the Bear as by my desire to stay in my pjs for another hour.

I think he likes to let hope live as long as possible; I don’t have as much patience with her.

My annual pap is this afternoon. I think I’ll wear the socks T-llama made for me 🙂

At this instance, the bottom line is that whatever happens, it’s still the longest darn LP I’ve had since I started keeping track. 13dpo! That’s freaking great!

*(What does it mean that I remembered to bring plenty of tampons? Last week I dreamed about tampons, piles and piles of tampons, more than I’d need in a lifetime.)


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