Mixed Feelings

So there’s this guy in one of my classes, whose wife is pg, and he talks about it sometimes during breaks or before class. I loathe him with the fury of 1000 suns. I can’t blame him, I mean I’m TOTALLY in the IF closet here, so why shouldn’t he talk about it? I’d like to say I’m not that petty, but honestly? We’re in the middle of some pretty thick theory in this class, which I totally love. I’m eating it up, and I look across the seminar table at him and can tell from the expression on his face (plus the fact that he hasn’t contributed anything to the discussion in several weeks) that he really can’t make head or tails of what we’re talking about, and this makes me really, really happy.


One Response to “Mixed Feelings”

  1. Baby Blues Says:

    I loathe people who shove their pregnancies up my face! I understand their joy and excitement but they really need to know how to contain it.
    Whip his ass in class girl! Sweet justice. 🙂

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