Freak of Nature

When I see a mom I can’t imagine myself being (for whatever class, ethnic, or cultural reasons) there’s enough of a mental distance that it doesn’t affect me as much as when I see a mom that I not only can imagine myself being, but want to be or wish I was – and then I feel like a total and complete FREAK OF NATURE. Knitting blogs are going to be the death of me. The young hippie mom knitting away with her little one in a sling – man, that kills me. Similarly, my therapist told me that it would be totally normal and natural that I should hate pregnant women and want to steal other people’s babies, but I’ve found that I only want to steal babies of color. Bald little blue-eyed creatures generally fail to move me, but when we went to Guatemala in January I couldn’t tear my eyes away from all the little brown babies. I want one soooooooo bad. And I feel like, yes, a freak of nature for not having one already.


2 Responses to “Freak of Nature”

  1. Mands Says:

    I hear you. I feel like a freak as well. I was asked at a baby shower last week if I had children. (I was one of the oldest women there, hence the question.) I felt very freak-like, but decided to wear it. It just said, “No, I’m doing IF treatment.” They just stared in wide eyed amazement, like they seen an extinct animal walk by.

  2. Baby Blues Says:

    I hate that they still do that Mands.
    Well I’m a freak too! Not a person regarded as strange because of their unusual appearance or behavior, but an ART freak (a person who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic about a specified interest) or Clomid freak (a person addicted to a drug of a particular kind).
    My heart gets tugged by any kind of baby! They’re just so irresistible.

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