Forget the caffe latte, screw the raspberry iced tea

I’m in such a mental quandary over alcohol use. Last semester we took time off from actively ttc while I started grad school; I took up social drinking with glee. Now it’s hard to change the habit. I rationalize it b/c my doctor (GP) said alcohol is harmless during the first few weeks of pg anyway, plus I generally assume I’m not, even during the 2ww. What’s the “rule”? It seems like there isn’t one, other than if you KNOW you’re pg you abstain. What are the benefits of abstaining from alcohol while ttc? Does it depend on your diagnosis (or lack thereof)?

Here’s the really dumb thing – sometimes I say yes to a drink just b/c I don’t want people to THINK I’m pg (that was how I guessed early on 2 friends).


2 Responses to “Forget the caffe latte, screw the raspberry iced tea”

  1. PCOSMama Says:

    Usually I only drink from cd1-3, before I start meds for a new cycle. Generally, I think you are supposed to avoid drinking during the 2 week wait, but considering that the ‘average’ person doesn’t know they are pregnant until they miss a period, I assume it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple drinks during the 2 week wait. I’m not saying get plastered, but a glass of wine or a couple margaritas probably won’t hurt every now and then.

  2. Baby Blues Says:

    I agree. A glass of wine won’t hurt. I have friends who were drinking heavily in parties just to find out they were already pregnant. They had healthy babies.
    I just feel that totally avoiding a drink is too preeptive. I’d take a sip in parties just so people don’t get suspicious. Because really, what I hate hearing other people say to those not drinking is “Are you pregnant?” I wish! I just look pregnant. 🙂

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