So…What’s the Bottom Line?

This morning I woke up from a dream about T and I digging around bulbs in our backyard, me saying to him, “we just need to get someone in here to clean things up.” (In my amateur analysis bulbs=my eggs).

An hour later we were at the ob/gyn’s for the ultrasound. It went well; I feel like I passed, if a bit provisionally. It all hinges on when I actually ovulate next. The biggest follicle measured 12mm. Lining was at 8mm. Today is day 14. If I ovulate on day 18 like I usually do, then those numbers are good. If I ovulate sooner, numbers are not so good. Once again it seems like my problem is really “just” short luteal phase and low progesterone. We’re still waiting for the results from the second SA as well. By Tuesday there will be a plan.

So, T went in with me; first time in 7 years that he’s had really anything to do with gyno stuff other than the traditional, um, performance. I think it was good for us both, but it struck me how little he really knows about all this stuff. He heard all the same info I did, but had to ask for a translation and kept asking, “so, what’s the bottom line?” Like he wanted to know, did we pass or fail? Honey, it’s not that simple…

His friends in grad school used to joke that he’s a sensitive, progressive man of the late 1950s :-). Should I ever end up in labor, I can’t imagine him being the hand-holding breathing-coaching husband. In fact, I think I’d rather he be out in the hallway pacing with a box of cigars.

Bottom line is, u/s was much less uncomfortable than I feared, and the news was as good as I’d hoped for.


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