Hotel California

So, on my other blog I tell (not very well) the story of how I spent 9 hours trying to get through Pennsylvania this past Thursday. You may have seen in the news how big sections of various highways in through the mountain area were shut down, motorists stuck for up to 20 hours, etc. etc. Fortunately I managed to get out, but there was a moment around 9:30 p.m., about 11 hours after I’d left for what is normally a 6.5-hour drive, when I just felt despair. It felt like Hotel California. It felt like IF. From the moment I hit backed-up traffic at about 1:15 p.m., I kept thinking “I just have to get around this [intersection, traffic jam, section of highway] and I’ll be on my way.” But I’d get past the immediate problem, and find a whole new set of problems – side roads rendered impassable by snow or accidents, fire marshalls pulling people off the Interstate, people oh-so-helpfully telling me “it’s shut down. No one gets on. No one gets off,” missed road signs so I ended up on 20 miles down the wrong road before Terry (navigating me over the phone via google earth) figured out where I’d gone wrong and getting me back on track again. Through it all, he was there with me, working through it together, navigating, calming and cheering me, even when I yelled at him (maybe the third time in our 7-year union) for thinking I said “left” when I said “west”…

I did get through, I did get home, eventually. And eventually I did feel that it had been worth the effort.


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