Dirty Little Secrets

Wow; that post was long. Good grief. Guess I’d been carrying those thoughts around for a long time, it felt good to let them out.

Meanwhile, here are some thoughts prompted by the SQ/SPJ’s question of the day: “What’s your dirty little secret?” related to IF.

My dirty little secret is that I knit baby clothes, and although I’ve given away at least twenty baby sweaters in the past few years (and sold another 7 or 8 at the farmer’s market) as well as unnumbered socks and hats, I quietly kept two of them (scroll down to June 12), tucked away at the bottom of my knitting basket. The other part of this dirty little secret is that I lurk on a baby-knitting blog regularly. In some ways I feel like it’s a window into a world where IF, pregnancy loss, and the carousel from hell of ART don’t exist. I know it’s a fantasy but maybe once a week I’ll go there and indulge in the fantasy of “easy” or “normal” mommy-baby world, dreaming that someday I’ll be part of that world.


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